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A directory of suppliers and information on risk factors.

Regroup information on various types of risks faced by companies is the basis of the web portal. Here, not so much talk but practical solutions presented by industry! This website aims to be a "Guide to risk management". It is aimed primarily at business and is free to access.

A practical approach and practice

The risks covered are classified into five categories:

  • "risks in buildings
  • machinery hazards
  • environmental risks
  • risks for the working man".

A "click" on the latter category shows a range of issues e.g. head protection, eye, respiratory, hand, ergonomics of work, measurement of vibration and noise level, detection of dust, etc. For each of these issues, the site offers a list of suppliers or service providers e.g. for "fall protection", you could find harnesses, lifelines, guardrails, self-supporting, anchors dead body, and even anti-slip treatments for floors.

For each standard, its solution!

You can search for information by product, expert, manufacturer, solution and even standards. A number of standards is not explicit, you will find here a presentation of it and the corresponding solutions. An example: if you are breaking standard "NF EN 1088 June 1996 ("concerning the" safety of machinery" and "locking devices associated with guards") can help. Besides a brief description of the standard, the site provides a series of approved material with manufacturer's details: safety switch contactless, safety mechanical switch, etc.

A weekly check on current risk issues

Moreover, current risk issues are catered for. Each week, a newsletter provides a summary of the main events of the week published by other organizations and publications. Finally, a calendar informs users of major French and international events relating to risk management. You can subscribe to the newsletter at:

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